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Change Tracking

The Boone platform can track changes to custom data.


Fetch a paginated set of diffs.


status: 200

Response Details


idintegerYesDatabase ID of the diff.
diffable_typestringYesContent type of the described object.
diffable_idintegerYesDatabase ID of the described object.
detailsobjectYesHash with keys for each attribute that was involved.
created_atstringYesTime at which the diff was created.
updated_atstringYesTime at which the diff was last updated.
organization_idintegerYesDatabase ID of organization responsible for this change.
actionstringYesSingle character expression indicating the action taken. Valid actions are C, R, U, and D.

Example Result

  "data": [
      "id": 19,
      "diffable_id": 19,
      "diffable_type": "Place",
      "details": {
        "name": ["old name", "new name"]
      "created_at": "2017-03-01T21:36:40.266Z",
      "updated_at": "2017-03-01T21:36:40.266Z",
      "organization_id": 167,
      "action": "U"
  "links": {
    "first": "",
    "last": "",
    "self": ""}

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Change Tracking

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