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Boone features the world's most comprehensive database of tourism and travel places. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms and synthesizes all the available data to provide the deepest understanding of the largest number of places.

Most API developers will want to leverage the Search API, which will take in a coordinate, a radius and zero or more tags to search for canonical places within the specified parameters. This is especially good for map discovery applications. To get into an example quickly, see the Quickstart which will walk through a simple search and place detail retrieval. Some applications will also benefit from the Autocomplete API when they want to drive interaction through a simple search box.

To understand some of the underlying concepts in the Boone API Suite, see API Concepts.


Boone Requirements

Currently integrating any of the Boone APIs requires authorization. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in Boone integration opportunities.

Search and Discovery

The Boone Search and Discovery APIs provide a geo-enabled way to query for the interesting tourism and travel related places around the world.


Retrieves a list of places within a given radius around a coordinate, using tags to filter.

Place Details

Retrieves detailed information about a specific place.


Retrieves a list of the most relevant places using simple text search.


Retrieves detailed information about a specific region.


Retrieves a list of attributes and applicable values for describing places.

Custom Data Management

In addition to pulling from Boone's extensive database of travel and tourism places, the Boone Custom Data Management API allows developers to layer custom data onto places. This includes the ability to match existing location data against the Boone database.

Custom Place Data

Manage your custom place information that you can layer onto Atlas canonical places.

Custom Tags

Add and retrieve information about custom tags that you want to use to categorize your place data.


Import your custom place data that will get layered onto Atlas' own data.


Export your custom place data, linked to the Atlas canonical IDs.

Change Tracking

Retrieve information about changes you have made to your custom place data.

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